Massive string of cosmetic leaks reveal future R6 Pro League sets and Elite victory animations

Rainbow Six Siege is getting pretty out there.

Image via Ubisoft

A massive string of leaks appeared on Twitter today showcasing a flurry of unannounced items and skins. From Wild West sets to Y4S3 Pro League sets, it’s all up for fans to ogle.

The leaks come from the same Twitter user who leaked the Smoke Elite Skin to fans’ dismay. Although the posts are in another language, when translated via Microsoft the tweets read “World’s fastest leak.”

The most notable leaks, aside from Smoke’s Elite Skin, are the Y4S3 Pro League sets. Both IQ and Tachanka will finally be getting their own Pro League sets, according to the leak. The sets sport the usual Pro League colorway of black, white, and gold with weapon skins to boot.

Other cosmetic leaks include what appear to be Wild West themed skins and headgear for Ash, Glaz, Capitao, Maverick, Rook, Cav, Maestro, Kaid, and Alibi. These cosmetic items look a bit silly given the semi-realistic tone Siege has carried thus far, but they’re still pretty high quality.

The last notable leak shows off Lesion’s Elite victory animation and it’s pretty underwhelming considering how high-tech the devs made his Elite skin. Some fans might still be excited to see Lesion in pants, instead of his “tactical” shorts he normally dawns in the field.

Though leaks take the wind out of official reveals and announcements, it’s sometimes good for fans to be able to temper their expectations pre-release. Siege lives and dies by the hype machine that is the internet, so hopefully, the devs can look at fan feedback and course correct if deemed necessary. But fans should also be aware that leaks are to be approached with some skepticism, especially with Rainbow Six Siege due to the sheer volume of them.