Kendrew posts video detailing his side of being benched by cowana


Image via Ubisoft

Competitive Rainbow Six Siege fans who were wondering why Murat “MrOfficer88” Motevalli replaced Luke Kendrew during cowana’s July 19 EUL match with Team Secret didn’t have to wait long for an explanation.

Kendrew posted a YouTube video today containing his side of the story, which featured several allegations about his treatment during his time at cowana from his teammates, as well as an admission that he had been benched.

The IGL detailed his extreme stress under cowana’s “Year 1 ideology,” in which he made all the calls. Teams in Rainbow Six Siege have evolved over time and most currently have multiple people who will make calls for the team. A common setup for teams is to have one person who begins the round directing strategy from the backline and another player closer to the action who can accurately call for executes.

Kendrew also alleged that the other four members of cowana were closer with each other than they were to him, which led to a “mob mentality” surrounding team decisions and the acceptance of constructive criticism.

Notably, Kendrew alleged that unspecified players on cowana were allowed to tell their teammates (also unspecified) to “kill themselves over in-game disagreements” and that those actions went unpunished.

Kendrew had compliments for cowana on an organizational level and claimed that the organization is trying to find him a new home. The org posted a response to Kendrew’s video, complimenting him for “staying true to yourself whilst keeping it professional” and apologizing for the “stress” that the situation has caused him.

The next transfer window will be open from Aug. 23 to Sept 5. Until then, Kendrew will have time to consider his options.