INTZ eSports picks up Vnx, drops Yuuk from R6 Pro League roster

INTZ may see better results in season 10

Image via Ubisoft

Vinicius “Vnx” Mello joined INTZ eSports’ Rainbow Six Siege Pro League roster today, but the roster move came at the expense of Lucas “yuuk” Rodrigues, who departed from INTZ.

In season nine, Vnx proved to be a strong player for ReD DevilS, and his departure from the seventh-ranked team in the Latin American division signals an upward stride for the player.

Fans saw a solid season from Vnx in season nine, but the team performance didn’t quite garner the same results. He ran a solid K/D in the ReD DevilS relegation match, which heavily contributed to the team’s narrow victory.

It will be exciting to watch Vnx on another team, especially with INTZ, who didn’t do particularly well in season nine. The addition of a player like Vnx, though, may turn the tides in the team’s favor in season 10.

Fans can tune into the Pro League broadcast on June 17 at 11:30am CT to catch Vnx’s INTZ debut.