How to turn on Rainbow Six Siege privacy settings

Use these settings for an extra layer of privacy.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege‘s Operation Vector Glare introduces a lot of exciting content, like the new operator Sens and the Team Deathmatch map Close Quarter. Players can also enjoy other new content like the Shooting Range and Operator Guides, making it easier for newcomers to learn the ropes with ease. Operation Vector Glare also introduces new privacy settings to help players remain anonymous without showing their real in-game names. 

New privacy settings provide players with several new ways to improve their online experience in Siege. These settings were designed with streamers in mind to avoid unwanted interactions or attention, but any player can enjoy the new settings at the start of season two. 

Turning on the new Rainbow Six Siege privacy settings is simple: Open the options menu and navigate to the Privacy tab for the new settings. You can choose to appear as a nickname in-game, which you can create. Players can also hide their avatar, rename other players, add a hidden matchmaking delay, and hide their region and latency. 

Operation Vector Glare is also introducing the operator Sens, the new Team Deathmatch map Close Quarter, and the Shooting Range and Operator Guides to help players learn the game. Phase One of the Reputation System is also going live this season, and players can use the new Squad Up Reactivation Program to attract their players to Siege with free operators. 

The new settings will be available to all players at the start of Operation Vector Glare on June 7.