How to play Mozzie in Rainbow Six Siege

Master Rainbow Six Siege's boisterous Australian.

Image via Ubisoft

Mozzie is one of the new-age operators in Rainbow Six Siege and boasts one of the strongest defender kits in the game. Operation Burnt Horizon introduced the Australian operator alongside Gridlock and the Outback map. His kit’s combination of primary gadget, weapon options, and C4 make him a formidable operator at any level of play.

Here’s how to get the most out of Mozzie’s flexible kit.


Image via Ubisoft

Mozzie is a two-armor, two-speed operator. His Commando 9 does 36 damage per hit and has a rate of fire (ROF) of 780 rounds per minute (RPM) with a magazine capacity of 25+1. The P10 Roni does 26 damage per hit with a ROF of 980 RPM. The only drawback to the Roni is its small 20+1 magazine capacity. Mozzie’s sidearm, the SDP 9mm, does 47 damage per hit with a magazine capacity of 16.


Image via Ubisoft

Mozzie’s gadget is the Pest Launcher. When equipped, Mozzie uses a slingshot of sorts to fire spider-like mechanical devices called Pests. These Pest devices take control of any attacker drones entering their area of effect. Attacking drones will receive an indication when they’re in danger of being taken over by a Pest. Once launched, Pests cannot move freely, but they can be picked up and re-fired. Once a Pest takes over an attacker’s drone, the drone is Mozzie’s to control, and the Pest disappears. One Pest takes care of one drone.

Primary weapons

Image via Ubisoft

Mozzie has two excellent primary weapons: the P10 Roni and the Commando 9. The Commando is one of the more popular options. Its medium rate of fire isn’t ideal, but the weapon packs a punch and has access to an angled grip. In the correct hands, it’s more than viable. The recommended attachments are a 1.0x scope of your choice, a muzzle brake for the barrel, and the angled grip for quicker aim down sights (ADS) speed.

The Roni does significantly less damage but has a blazing rate of fire and incredibly controllable recoil. Those stats, combined with the popular 1.5x scope, make the Roni a headshot machine. For the best results, use the extended barrel attachment to increase damage at greater distances. If recoil is a concern, use the compensator. The 1.5x scope is widely considered the best choice for the P10 Roni. If you can handle the recoil, go with the angled grip to increase your ADS speed.


Mozzie is extremely versatile. If you’d like to save all your Pests for yourself on the roam, that’s a perfectly viable tactic. If you’d like to set your Pests up in the preparation phase and anchor the bomb site, that’s viable as well.

Mozzie is strongest when paired with other operators that function as “intel deniers,” like Mute and Vigil. When Mozzie had the Super Shorty secondary shotgun that could easily open rotates, he was used as a deep roamer. Now that Mozzie has lost the Super Shorty, he’s still versatile, just less on the deep roam.

Mozzie’s playstyle can’t really be pinned down to a single role. He functions well as an anchor with a C4 for plant denial. He’s also fast enough and has strong enough weapons to roam if needed. Realistically, the playstyle is up to the player and what is needed by the rest of the team needs to function well.