How to get Renown fast in Rainbow Six Siege

Skins don't grow on trees.

Image via Ubisoft

While the gameplay experience in Rainbow Six Siege is more than enough to keep players coming back for more, it’s always nice to have small objectives players can look forward to. An in-game economy aims to do just that by allowing players to save up for cosmetic items they’ve been eyeing for a while. You can always pay cash to get more Renown, but you’ll also accumulate the currency as you play Siege.

If you have been out of the cosmetics grind for a while, you may have stacked a lot of Renown without noticing. When that’s not the case, you’ll need to find the quickest way to earn Renown to avoid the grind.

Here’s how you can get Renown fast in Rainbow Six Siege.

Complete tutorials and Situations

Not everyone takes the time to fully complete a game’s tutorial when they first launch it. Though Siege features a pretty detailed tutorial, most players choose not to complete the rest so they can jump into the action as quickly as possible.

Though you’ll pick up the basics as you go, you’ll be missing out on the Renown rewards for completing the tutorials and Situations. 

You can find Situations and tutorials in the Learning Area. Though the process can be slow and tedious, the 200 Renown reward for completing each step will be well worth your time. You’ll need to play through the Situations, but you can simply start the tutorials and do something else as they play in the background.

Complete challenges

Once you sign up for Ubisoft Connect, you’ll start receiving Ubisoft Club challenges. These challenges reward players with Renown, and they’re relatively easy to complete in a single go. Most of them are gun-specific tasks in which you’ll need to secure a couple of takedowns using a specific gun type.

The type of challenges that have a Renown reward attached tend to be time-limited, so you may want to complete them as soon as possible to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity.

Buy the season pass and complete additional challenges

Completing challenges is one of the fastest ways to earn more Renown, other than completing the tutorials. After purchasing the season pass, you’ll have access to additional challenges that reward Renown Boosters upon completion.

These boosters increase the amount of Renown you’ll get from matches. When you have a Renown Booster activated, you may want to focus on squeezing in as many matches as possible before the booster runs out.

Start playing ranked

The ranked ladder is the perfect place to show off your skills and see how you stack up against players. Ranked won’t be as chill as casual matches, though, since leaving a match results in severe penalties.

Just like the competitive stakes, the rewards will be higher, and you’ll get more Renown from each ranked match compared to casual ones. If you’re looking to complete your challenges as fast as possible, getting them done in regular matches is a better idea since they’ll be relatively shorter.

Head over to the Training Grounds

Though Siege is most fun when playing against other players, PvP isn’t the only game mode available. Apart from the training scenarios and various tutorials, you can also earn extra Renown by playing through the Training Grounds. 

The Realistic difficulty level will be more rewarding compared to the other difficulties. One drawback of the Realistic Training Ground sessions is they’ll take longer to complete. However, you should complete Training Ground sessions faster over time, making it one of the best options for accumulating Renown quickly.

Keep an eye on Amazon Prime Gaming deals

An Amazon Prime membership includes many perks, including bundles for select titles. From time to time, Amazon Prime Gaming subscribers unlock Renown Booster Packs. 

Even if you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can sign up for its one-month free trial and unlock the Siege rewards for your accounts. These packs are only valid for a limited time, so you won’t want to miss out on a free opportunity to increase your Renown income.

Purchase Renown

All of the methods listed above require you to dedicate some of your valuable time toward grinding more Renown. If you’re looking to have the most fun during your limited time, you may not want to spend it going through the tutorials or Training Grounds.

The only grind-free way to get Renown is through purchasing R6 Credits. While purchasing the credits won’t feel as rewarding as earning them, it’ll help you save time. Technically, you’ll not only be buying credits, but you’ll also be purchasing time since you’ll be able to pick up Siege where you left off instead of grinding for more Renown.