How to earn Six Invitational 2021 Twitch drops

Please, stop typing !claimcharm in Twitch chat.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

This year’s iteration of the Six Invitational is just around the corner, and Twitch drops are coming back to the event.

To get the drops, all you need to do is link your Twitch account to your Ubisoft account. To do that, navigate to this link on your browser.

You’ll be prompted to log in with Twitch, then into your Ubisoft Connect account. If you’re on a console, log into your console account. Once those two are logged in, opt into the Drops feature.

Once you’re joined, all you need to do is watch the Six Invitational (group or playoff stages) or any Rainbow Six Siege streamer with drops enabled on their channel from Jan. 21 to 31.

Here’s what you can earn during each phase of the tournament. Before we begin: you do not need to type anything in Twitch chat to claim the charm. It’ll hit your account soon.

Phase one is for everyone, anyone can activate drops on their Twitch account. From Jan. 21 to 31, tune in to your favorite R6 streamer for three hours to earn one of four differently colored “Teammate” charms. The green Valkyrie teammate charm will be available from Jan. 21 to 23, the orange Aruni teammate charm will be available from Jan. 24 to 26, the blue IQ teammate charm will be available from Jan. 27 to 30, and the red Wamai charm will be available Jan. 30 to 31.

To get every charm, you’ll have to watch three hours in each time frame. Hours do not stack.

Here’s what you can earn from Jan 30-31.

Phase two is for specifically partnered streamers.

From Feb. 1 to 8, only charms will be available on the yet-to-be-announced streamers’ channels. From Feb. 6 to 8 and Feb. 15 to 16 active Charm Program Streamers (Streamers that have a personalized charm in the game) will have Esports Packs drops available as well.

From Feb. 6 to 8, the following streamers will have Esports Pack drops (H/T CoreRoss): JerichoFive, REMGURI, THE_M3RY, Ad9m, Alfredoplays, AnneMunition, Beaulo, Bighead, BikiniBodhi, Bnans, Drid, Gabbo, Interro, Jinu6734, Just9n, Kalera, KingGeorge, KittyR6, Kixstar, LagonisR6, Lil_Lexi, MacieJay, Matimi0, Narcoleptic Nugget, PaladinAmber, Pengu, Punjistick, Rubsarb, Salty Academy, SexyCake, Shorty, SilphTV, TangyD, Tatted, Tranth Varsity, WhiteShark67, z1ronic, Zander, Zigueira

Here’s what the Esports Packs will look like.

The contents of the Esports Packs have not been released yet. For every eight hours watching R6 on partnered streams, you get one Esports Pack.

Phase three heralds the beginning of the Six Invitational. It begins from Feb. 9 to 14, and will return Feb. 17 to 20.

At this time, drops will come from watching Six Invitational matches on the main R6 Twitch channel. There will be unique charms available on individual days for the duration of the Playoff stage of the tournament, Feb. 17 to 21. They look similar to the ones from SI 2021.

Here’s the “Community” charm you can earn on Feb 18.

During this time, the Esports Packs will be available, one for every eight hours watched.

Phase four includes the final day of the tournament, Feb. 21. For watching, viewers get a shot at a unique charm and VIP Tachanka bundle. You will not for sure get the phase four-exclusive content.

The Lord in all his esports glory.

Esports Packs will be available during the grand finals, and their drop rate will increase to one every two and a half hours.