How to destroy tormentor projectiles in Rainbow Six Extraction

Completing this task is easy.

Image via Ubisoft

Tormentors can be tough to deal with in Rainbow Six Extraction, especially during your first encounter with the terrifying enemy or during solo incursions. These unique enemies can use the Sprawl to move around the map and fire projectiles that can quickly kill even the best Operators. 

To make matters worse, one of the first Studies in Alaska requires players to destroy Tormentor projectiles with firearms, meaning you’ll have to strategically fight the Tormentor to complete the objective. The good news is the task is easy to complete once you understand how Tormentor projectiles work and which weapon is best suited for this task. 

Tormentors fire two types of projectiles. The first is a series of smaller projectiles that deal significant damage but can be avoided easily. These are not destroyable, so don’t waste your time trying to shoot these small objects out of the air. 

The second Tormentor Projectile is a large glowing ball that slowly moves towards Operators and explodes on impact. This ball should be avoided at all costs as it deals massive damage and can easily lead to an MIA Operator. This is the projectile you need to destroy to complete the objective, however.

The best way to destroy the Tormentor projectile is with a shotgun. Several Operators have a shotgun as their base weapon, and these powerful guns can take out the projectile with a couple of shots. Just make sure you don’t miss, as you’ll likely take a significant amount of damage. 

Taking out one of the larger projectiles will complete the task and reward you with XP for your troubles. Also, remember Tormentors don’t take damage while submerged in the Sprawl, so don’t bother wasting your ammo.