Here are the R6USN standings and results

See how each team stacked up at the R6USN Finals.

Image via Ubisoft

It’s been almost nine months since Stage One of the Rainbow Six United States Nationals started last April, but the work is far from over for the qualified teams. 

After besting their opponents in the Eastern and Western Conferences, the eight remaining teams have traveled to Las Vegas to scrap it out in the R6USN finals. Many teams participated in the qualifiers but these eight teams have proven that they have what it takes to hang with the best squads that the region has to offer. 

Here are the current scores and standings for the 2019 Rainbow Six United States Nationals. 


Spacestation Gaming vs. Team Reciprocity

Spacestation Gaming win 3-0

  • Clubhouse: 7-2 Spacestation win
  • Consulate: 7-3 Spacstation win
  • Bank: 8-6 Spacestation win


Eastern Conference Finals

Soniqs vs. Spacestation Gaming

Spacestation Gaming win 2-0

  • Clubhouse: 7-3 Spacestation win
  • Coastline: 7-5 Spacestation win

Western Conference Finals

Team Reciprocity vs. TSM

Team Reciprocity win 2-0

  • Bank: 7-2 Reciprocity win
  • Clubhouse: 7-4 Reciprocity win


Eastern Conference Playoffs

Soniqs vs. Tempo Storm 

Soniqs win 2-0

  • Border: 8-7 Soniqs win
  • Clubhouse: 8-7 Soniqs win

Spacestation Gaming vs. DarkZero Esports

Spacestation Gaming win 2-0

  • Coastline: 7-3 Spacestation win
  • Villa: 8-7 Spacestation win

Western Conference Playoffs

Team Reciprocity vs. Luminosity Gaming

Team Reciprocity win 2-1

  • Clubhouse: 7-3 Reciprocity win
  • Villa: 8-7 Luminosity win
  • Border: 7-3 Reciprocity win

TSM vs. Evil Geniuses

TSM win 2-0

  • Bank: 8-7 TSM win
  • Consulate: 8-6 TSM win