Former Rainbow Six Siege pro posts transphobic tweet about caster, community renames callouts named after him

The community is pushing for the balcony formerly named after Kanine to be renamed to the "Fluke balcony."

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Former Rainbow Six Siege professional player Ozgur “Kanine” Alturk used to have several spots on maps named after him. Chalet’s balcony and Oregon’s “AKs” were known as the “Kanine spot,” because when Kanine played, he would sit in those spots and refuse to move.

Kanine posted a transphobic tweet today directed at EUL/SI caster Em “CaptainFluke” Donaldson and faced immediate backlash from the Rainbow Six community. Soon after the tweet was posted, multiple casters publicly stated they’d no longer refer to those callouts as the “Kanine spots.”

Less than an hour after Kanine posted his tweet, the incident was publicly referred to on the Six Invitational broadcast of the TSM/Team Liquid match. Fatefully, the teams were playing on Chalet.

“Thank you for retiring in 2019 and saving us the trouble of banning you,” Ubisoft esports director Wei Yue tweeted at Kanine. “R6 and R6 Esports have no place for sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or any kind of bigotry.”

The Rainbow Six community is currently pushing for the balcony formerly named after Kanine to be renamed to the “Fluke balcony.”

Kanine was one of the first Rainbow Six professional players and was a part of the competitive community in some manner until his retirement in 2019. He came in second at the inaugural Six Invitational in 2017, but never won anything of importance. Kanine’s legacy was almost inextricably tied to the callouts named after him in the game.