Former Luminosity Rainbow Six Siege player alleges organization hasn’t paid players for LAN events

It's the latest set of troubles for a former roster that's no stranger to controversy.

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The troubles just keep piling up for the former Luminosity Rainbow Six Siege roster. The team hasn’t been paid for three LAN events they attended, according to former Luminosity player Abdullah “Factor” Rihan.

Factor claims that Luminosity hasn’t paid its players for the OGA Pit Minor, Pro League Season 11, or USN 2019 events. At time of writing, Luminosity hasn’t issued a statement on the matter.

The alleged lack of payment from the organization isn’t the only hurdle the former Luminosity roster has had to overcome in recent months, however.

In Ubisoft’s decision to move on from ESL’s “Pro League” to a franchised league run by FACEIT, Luminosity fell through the cracks. The organization couldn’t come to an agreement with Ubisoft to stay in what’s now known as the North American League, and as a result, the organization lost its spot.

The team was essentially in limbo and didn’t have enough time to find a new organization to represent them, according to a TwitLonger from Kian “Hyena” Mozayani. As a result, they lost their spot in the new NAL, despite not playing or placing low enough for a relegation game, which was a practice of the time with ESL.

Another organization, Reciprocity, ceased operations around the same time and the Reciprocity players found a new home with Oxygen Esports. Naturally, the Luminosity players felt burned by the situation.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances, several former Luminosity members have landed on their feet. Spencer “Slashug” Oliver left before the initial incident and got a spot on the top-four Reciprocity (now Oxygen Esports) roster. Richie “Rexen” Coronado is playing excellently for the newly improved eUnited roster, Sam Jarvis now plays for Tempo Storm, and Factor has a spot on top Challenger League team, The Last Dance.

Hyena was issued an in-game ban in June and is therefore banned from competition for a year. Coal “Doodle” Phillips joined The Last Dance as well.

Update Oct. 1 4:55pm CT: Factor claims that Luminosity will pay him and the former members of Luminosity “out of pocket.” He said he was told that Luminosity had not received the money for the events.