FaZe Clan’s cameram4n on March LATAM roster shuffle: ‘We’ve never seen a region change so much’

Can FaZe Clan be the surprise team from LATAM?

FaZe Clan were arguably the biggest beneficiary of the March transfer window in Rainbow Six Siege. Following a series of underwhelming results, the storied organization released four members of their roster, opting to buy out the majority of the MiBR roster.

The move reunited long-time FaZe Clan player Gabriel “cameram4n” Hespanhol with the organization, and also added Jaime “Cyber” Ramos, José “Bullet1” Victor, and Lucas “soulz1” Romero Schinke. Only Leonardo “Astro” Luis remained, once again joining with cameram4n.

“We’ve never seen a region change so much,” said cameram4n. “That’s probably because of us… it felt good, especially for me, because I got to come back to FaZe Clan.”

The only team that fundamentally stayed the same in the LATAM region in March was Team Liquid. MiBR’s roster was pillaged, and they bought out the Team oNe roster as a result, Team oNe was forced to make a patchwork roster with players from multiple teams, Black Dragons took on the old FaZe members.

It was quite the offseason–and it looks like it’s paying off. The new-look FaZe has been burning through the LATAM region. They tied for first in BR6 with Team Liquid, their chief rivals, but fell to Team oNe in the opening playoff round of the Copa Elite Six. Regardless, FaZe came to France with high expectations after obtaining the MiBR core that was the best team in Brazil during 2020.

Despite the shuffle, Brazilian teams have been highlighted by fans and analysts as some of the favorites coming into SI, and FaZe is no exception. Soulz1 has been instrumental throughout the regular season, and his support play has been one of the reasons why analysts think FaZe has a chance at winning it all.

LATAM has high expectations coming into France. The region is expected to have one of their teams raise the hammer in victory when the tournament is done. FaZe Clan has had a strong start to the tournament, but there’s still lots of Siege to be played.

“Every team that’s here, they’re the best in the world,” soulz1 said, when speaking about his experiences attending his first Invitational. “If we can play against these teams and show a good performance, that means we’re on a high level.”