FaZe and INTZ draw in intense match in R6 Pro League matchday 6

INTZ almost pulled off a massive upset.

Image via ESL

The top spots of the Rainbow Six Pro League Latin American division are far from set. With three teams within mere points of each other, anything could happen in the closing matchdays of the first half of season 10. 

Vinicius “Vnx” Mello grabbed the first round for INTZ with a solid 3K on Villa. FaZe failed to recover after their first round loss to INTZ and let the second round slip through their proverbial fingers. Luckily for FaZe, INTZ failed to set up a solid flank watch, which allowed Leonardo “Astro” Luis to capitalize on INTZ sloppiness. 

FaZe managed to answer INTZ’s two rounds with two of their own but Vnx proved to be a more formidable foe than FaZe were prepared for in round three. Broadcaster Parker “Interro” Mackay noted that VnX may have been playing a bit on the selfish side. Either way, there’s no denying that without Vnx’s fragging capability, INTZ wouldn’t have found their early lead and that became apparent in round six. With Vnx out of play early in round six, the team quickly fell apart and allowed FaZe to tie back up at 3-3. 

INTZ continued to impress when they managed to snag the retake in a defuser-down situation. FaZe seemed out of shape on Villa after having flopped several defensive rounds and their first offensive attempt. INTZ continued to isolate key operators to lock FaZe out of site. In taking away hard breach capability, attacking options are immediately slashed in half. 

João “DRUNKKZZ” Giordano slapped FaZe with a 4K in round eight to further the INTZ lead to 5-3. The pre-match survey was in stark opposition to what unfolded in the matchup. Leading 5-3 is by no means a death sentence, but this was to be an extremely one-sided match. 

FaZe finally picked up an attacking round in round nine. A strong team push really benefited the LATAM leaders and seemed to provide a much-needed confidence boost. The confidence earned in round nine carried into a flawless round 10 attack for FaZe. Tying the match back up at 5-5 put INTZ and FaZe both in a tough position. 

Thanks to some pretty unfortunate blunders on INTZ’s end, FaZe was able to grab match point at 6-5. With the win off of the table for INTZ, the only hope was a draw, which wouldn’t be enough to dethrone FaZe from the top spot. 

DRUNKKZZ came in for the clutch to end the chaos and grab the draw. FaZe now needs NiP to lose to Team Liquid later this evening. For INTZ, this draw proves that INTZ does indeed deserve a spot near the top. 

The LATAM division of the Rainbow Six Pro League picks back up on Wednesday, July 17 for matchday seven. Fans can catch the official broadcast here.