Ex-PENTA manager creates GoFundMe to legally fight Levolution’s ban

Levolution insists that he's a legit player.

Image via Ubisoft

PENTA Rainbow Six Siege PC roster manager “Spaawn” has resigned from his position to fight Firat “Levolution” Hisan’s competitive ban. Their first step, so far, has been to create a GoFundMe to raise support for legal fees.

An account belonging to Levolution was previously banned, and as such, Ubisoft DE announced on July 8 that he had been banned from competition until June 28, 2022.

But Levolution denied the allegation, and along with PENTA, pursued a deeper investigation. The community quickly became enraged with the ruling, alleging that Levolution had been “stat-banned” on an alternate account he used to play with lower-level friends. A “stat-ban” is issued to players whose stats dramatically change in short amounts of time, which usually is an indicator that they’re cheating.

An update to Levolution’s ban was issued following the internal Ubisoft review, but it caused more wildfires among the community than the original ban.

While the existence of the word “performance” indicates that the “thorough manual review” still held elements of cheating, the community fixated on “in-game toxicity indicators.”

“Pro players in our ecosystem are held to the highest standards of good behavior as explicitly established in the Rainbow Six Circuit Rules and we will not tolerate any player cheating or displaying toxic behavior,” the statement reads.

Despite PENTA and Levolution’s efforts, he remains banned from competitive play until next June.