Everything we know about the Ember Rise operators

Operation Ember Rise introduces Goyo and Amaru.

Image via Ubisoft

Operation Ember Rise has finally dropped, giving fans a first look at two new operators named Amaru and Goyo who could shake up the core gameplay by capitalizing on pre-existing mechanics.

The new Mexican defender, Goyo, will have access to the Volcán Shield. The defender’s gadget allows him to attach an incendiary device to the back of a deployable shield. Once the device is placed, he is able to shoot the device to cause an explosion that coats the area in a blanket of fire. The effect looks like a more explosive version of Capitao’s asphyxiation bolts. It would also appear that attackers can accidentally trigger the explosion by attempting to destroy the shield—effectively blocking their own attacking route.

Goyo’s loadout is comprised of recycled arms from past season’s operators. Velvet Shell veterans will recognize Mira’s primary Vector.45 ACP and Kaid’s TCSG12. For sidearms, Goyo will have access to the P229, as seen with the SAS operators of Siege. The utility that Goyo brings to the table will be a mainly explosive one, featuring a Nitro Cell and Impact Grenades. 

Defenders are going to want to keep an ear out for Amaru, the new Peruvian attacker. The newest attacker boasts unparalleled mobility with the implementation of her Garra Hook. The gadget allows Amaru to ascend broken floor hatches and non-Castled windows. While the grappling hook is loud, it does seem possible to get the drop on defenders who are too wrapped up in the chaos of an attacker push to recognize the audio indicator that the Garra Hook has been deployed. Another hard counter is the presence of Kapkan traps or Frost mats, which Amaru can not deal with while she is coming through a window or ascending a hatch. 

The Peruvian attacker has access to IQ’s G8A1 LGM and the SAT’s Supernova shotgun. Amaru will be able to bring in the recycled ITA12-S and SMG-11 for her sidearms. Her utility is comprised of a Claymore mine and breaching charges. While the loadout itself is pretty lackluster, Operation Ember Rise could see Amaru as one of the most feared operators in Siege.

While fans may be bummed out to see recycled loadouts for the second season of the row, this looks to be the new norm for this year of Siege. There’s a lot to admire about the creativity of Operation Ember Rise. Reinventing the way players interact with deployable shields and floor hatches is a simple but admirable way to shake up the core mechanics of Siege.

Operation Ember Rise ops will be available on the Technical Test Server tomorrow, Aug 19.