ESL issues 6-month ban to R6 pro Doki

Today's a bittersweet day for Na'Vi fans.

Image via Ubisoft

ESL released its competitive ruling regarding Natus Vincere’s Jack “Doki” Robertson just moments after the Rainbow Six Pro League team qualified for the Japan Finals today.

After a grueling battle to the top of the European division of the Rainbow Six Pro League, ESL decided to uphold Ubisoft’s toxicity ban against Na’Vi’s Doki. The ban will be upheld for the next six months and prevents Doki from competing in “Rainbow Six Pro League, Challenger League and its online qualifiers, the Six Invitational 2020 and its online qualifiers, as well as the ESL Rainbow Six Premiership and any other Rainbow Six tournaments operated by ESL,” according to ESL. 

Doki received his in-game ban during his Oct. 1 stream. Doki seemed confused at the time of the ban but it was later clarified that it wasn’t a mistake. Ubisoft issued Doki a manual ban, which means that an investigation was opened into Doki’s account. Ubisoft found more than enough examples of “extreme toxicity,” according to ESL.

Today is likely a bittersweet day for Na’Vi fans. The team qualified for the Japan Finals after a triumphant win over season nine champion Team Empire and spoiled G2 Esports’ run at the finals as well.

Na’Vi took a 7-5 win over Empire today to get the Japan slot with the help of Doki’s substitute, Ellis “Pie” Pyart. It seems fitting that Pie should get to play instead of Doki since he contributed to two massive wins against G2 and Empire in Doki’s absence.

The Japan Finals take place on Nov. 9 and 10 in Tokoname, Japan. Until then, fans can catch the final matchday of the European division here.