Elevate rejoins the Rainbow Six Pro League, picks up ex-ReD DevilS Esports roster

The uphill battle begins Wednesday, Sept. 25.

Image via Ubisoft

Elevate has returned to the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League by acquiring the long-suffering ReD DevilS Esports roster.

The organization’s acquisition of the ex-ReD DevilS squad comes just in time for the return of the Latin American division of the Rainbow Six Pro League tomorrow (Sept. 25). Elevate was last seen in the Pro League during year two, season three when the then North American squad earned a top-six placing, according to Liquipedia

The Latin American division team narrowly avoided relegation at the end of season nine but they’ve been stagnating at the bottom of the standings for the majority of season 10. Following an abysmal first half of season 10, ReD DevilS dropped its roster and moved on from the Rainbow Six Pro League in July.

Since there have been no noteworthy changes to the roster acquired by Elevate, it looks like fans may see the same poor performance they’ve become accustomed to this year. It’s hard to imagine a world in which a team with a 0-1-6 record at the start of the second half of the season can turn on a dime and be able to gain meaningful traction. Stranger things have happened but the ex-ReD DevilS roster has failed to inspire much confidence throughout the past two seasons of the Pro League. 

The Pro League is often filled with ups and downs but Latin America is a highly-competitive region and Elevate will need to flash some serious improvements. An organization change isn’t going to do the heavy lifting.

Season 10 of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League returned this Monday with the European and North American divisions and it’ll continue with the return of the Latin American division on Wednesday. Fans can catch the official broadcast here