Clash may see a rework after being temporarily removed from Rainbow Six Siege

The operator was removed last week.

Image via Ubisoft

In a recent interview with Windows Central, Rainbow Six Siege brand director, Alexandre Remy, hinted that Clash may be subjected to a rework. The operator was removed from play last week due to a game-breaking bug that allowed Clash to fire her primary weapon while still being covered by her full body ballistic shield.

“Clash is likely to undergo some modifications and tweaks, which we’re excited about obviously,” Remy said in an interview with Windows Central’s Matt Brown. While Remy’s statement does not definitively indicate a rework is inbound, it does inform fans that the dev team is seriously considering making some changes. The rework would not only be in response to the game-breaking shield bug but also due to her extremely low status on the Win-Loss delta.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

The removal of an operator means that players will not get to use the content that they paid for, but Clash isn’t really a viable pick at high levels of play and needs fixing. While Clash has gained some traction recently with the BikiniBodhi meme strategy, she really doesn’t hold a high rank compared to other defenders—that much is evident by the Win-Loss delta Ubisoft provided with the Y4S1.3 Designer’s Notes. If a rework is coming, then it will be a win for fans who paid out for access to Clash. But if no Clash rework comes in the near future, then the situation will be similar to Lion’s long path to finally become a so-so operator.

Tachanka is the most memed operator in the game, but Clash is a clear second. Occasionally, operators release to poor reception, but in Clash’s case, she was dismissed almost immediately by players. Clash has only been in Rainbow Six Siege for three seasons of play, so her removal this early is less than ideal for devs and players alike.

Ubisoft removed Clash on May 16 in the run-up to the Milan Finals, which was a wise choice. Letting the bug continue to ruin the game any further would have been far worse than her temporary removal. Though it took Ubisoft almost a full week to remove the bugged operator, at least there’s some direction going forward. Clash remains removed from Siege for the time being with no ETA on her return.

H/T Matt Brown