Chala joins TSM’s Rainbow Six Siege roster as support player

The talented player has a new home.

Screengrab via TSM

Brady “Chala” Davenport has been added to the TSM Rainbow Six Siege lineup as a support player, the organization announced today. 

Chala is a veteran who previously played for Spacestation Gaming and has extensive experience in the Challenger league. He’ll be replacing Pojo, who will be returning to his original position as the team’s coach. 

TSM explained that Pojo is an integral part of the team’s chemistry and that moving him to the coaching position will allow him to still be a major part of the squad. 

Chala has been a longtime TSM fan and is excited to be a part of the organization’s professional Rainbow Six Siege roster. 

“I have been following TSM since its inception and I have been a fan of their teams in multiple games across the years,” Chala said. “ It has always been a dream of mine to be a part of this organization and represent them in my favorite game.” 

TSM finished in second place in season 11 of the North American region of the Rainbow Six Pro League. TSM is one of the eight organizations competing in the newly-established U.S. division of the North American Rainbow 6 League. 

TSM will compete against other teams such as Chala’s former squad, Spacestation Gaming. The new division also includes other transitioning teams such as DarkZero Esports, eUnited, and Tempo Storm. 

Chala might be the change needed to allow TSM to dethrone his former team and secure the top spot in the new North American league.