Blood Orchid seasonal skins return to R6 shop for Lunar sale

Get them before they're gone.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege has “seasonal” skins, or unique skins that reflected the theme of their corresponding operation. The seasonal skins are special, having only been available for purpose during that operation. This makes some of them incredibly rare, and as more players join the game, seeing the seasonal skins from early operations is less and less common.

Those who wish the old seasonal skins would be available for purchase again have had their wish come true—at least for a time. Three of the Operation Blood Orchid seasonal skins are now in R6‘s shop in the Lunar Sale section.

Nephrite, Xingyun, and Silk are available, as well as several skins for Lesion and Ying, the two operators released with Blood Orchid.

R6’s seasonal skins are wildly popular among the community. Chief among these are the “Black Ice” skins, which shipped with Operation Black Ice. The Black Ice skins were moved to alpha packs, which can be acquired with in-game currency but are still relatively rare.

Another popular skin many players wish would return is “Crossfader” from Operation Velvet Shell. For those that were playing then, the black, purple, and pink skin meshes well with the newly-released chrome purple attachment skins, which change the look of the muzzle, grip, and sight of a gun.

The Blood Orchid skins making a return is a good sign for those who want to purchase content they missed out on. Not all of the seasonal skins will be available, so players who take pride in their signifiers of being a long-time player will still have that trophy.