BikiniBodhi’s social media campaign brings ACOG to BOSG in R6 Test Server update

Brace yourselves, it's going to get salty.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

After months of clever campaigning, it looks like content creator BikiniBodhi has succeeded in getting the BOSG.12.2 shotgun an ACOG weapon sight. 

Longtime fans of Rainbow Six Siege will recognize the ACOG as the most contentious weapon attachment in the game. The ACOG has seen many changes in its lifetime. Perhaps the most important change the ACOG has seen is its removal from Bandit and Jӓger’s kits—that is, until today. 

Ubisoft shared patch notes this morning that detail some changes hitting the Test Server. While nothing on the Test Server is set in stone, there’s one change that’s undoubtedly being celebrated by the community—the BOSG finally got an ACOG thanks to BikiniBodhi. 

For months, Bikini has been campaigning on social media to get the weapon sight added to the slug shotgun. Fans of Bikini jumped aboard the campaign, spamming the devs with tweets while Bikini got continuous mentions by casters during this season of the Pro League and USN casters. 

The BOSG is only accessible by the 707 and is an extremely powerful weapon in the right hands. It’s a skill-based weapon and requires a high degree of accuracy to master due to only having two rounds before needing a reload. Adding an ACOG to the BOSG may seem a bit overpowered, but fans will finally know for sure whether adding the sight to the weapon was a good idea. 

Ubisoft adding in the ACOG to the BOSG is a strong signal that all corners of the community are valued. Bikini may not seem like the ideal person for the devs to listen to given the goofiness of his antics, but he’s a talented player and is held in high regard by the community and those who enjoy some entertainment with their one-taps. Bikini also recently joined Fnatic as a content creator, so he can add BOSG-ACOG messiah to his growing resume. 

Operation Shifting Tides is now live on the Test Server for fans to try out. But beware, players may experience high levels of one-tapping and tilt with the addition of the ACOG to the BOSG.