Best operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

Here are our favorite operators if you want to survive.

Image via Ubisoft

In Rainbow Six Extraction, REACT operators have to work together and fend off the Archaeans, dangerous parasites that threaten humanity.

The playable operators come from the game’s older sibling, Rainbow Six Siege, and veterans from the title will find a striking familiarity when playing Extraction as these iconic characters. During the missions, up to three operators will work to achieve specific goals such as collecting samples, extracting the VIPs, eliminating nests, and other objectives that help weaken the Archaeans’ foothold.

Solving different challenges effectively requires different operators. Each operator has unique weapons and abilities to introduce a new dimension to the gameplay. While some operators excel in aggressive approaches, others do a better job staying in the backline, and they with the overall synergy of the squad. Having the perfect team combination can be crucial for survival, especially in higher difficulties.

If operators fail to extract from the safe zone, they’ll go MIA. To pick that character again, players have to rescue them by completing an MIA challenge on the same map using other available operators. Because of that, keeping a diverse roster of healthy operators ensures you have comfortable picks at your disposal if your favorite operator is incapacitated. Mastering an operator is helpful, but learning different playstyles and characters can improve your chances of succeeding in several scenarios.

Here are the best operators in Rainbow Six Extraction.


Jäger is about holding the backline and looking out for the enemy flanks. The former helicopter pilot has a versatile playstyle because he can aggressively push or hold defensive angles. His signature ability, the Automated Defense System (ADS), allows him to place an automated turret that can shoot incoming enemies and projectiles, making it a great tool to have in overwhelming situations. Players can also stack their ability to defeat enormous hordes of Archaean or save them for critical points on the map.


Alibi is the queen of deception in Rainbow Six Extraction. Her signature ability, the PRISMA volumetric display device, deploys a decoy that draws enemies’ attention. She can use the holograms to bait out enemy attacks, distract enemies and lure Archaeans to a particular location. Once enemies attack these decoys, they are scanned, and every operator can spot the Archaeans and quickly take them down. She can use these decoys to ensure that the team’s always on the essential objectives and not targeted by the Archaeans.

She starts the game with the Mx4 Storm SMG, and she can unlock more weapons as she levels up.


Information comes in the clutch in tense situations, and Lion shines in this department. He can use his signature ability, the EE-ONE-D drone, to detect moving targets in an area for a short duration. Lion’s ability can collect intel, plan strategies, and even help in a pinch. This ability is on a cooldown, meaning players don’t have to worry about restocking it. It also comes with another caveat: it cannot detect stationary enemies. Keep that in mind before awakening any Archaeans, because the ones not moving around can catch you by surprise.

Lion starts the game with the V308 assault rifle, and its trusty recoil and damage make it a weapon you’ll likely carry into later levels as well.


Vigil is known for his stealth ability involving his ERC (Electronic Rendering Cloak), which helps him disrupt enemies and go undetectable for a medium duration. He can use this ability to sneak behind enemies or escape when the situation gets out of hand. The ability buys time for a player in a pinch and helps them retreat and rethink their approach. It has a fairly short cooldown, but upon leveling up Vigil to the max, he receives an improved version of the ability, which helps him make his close allies go undetectable.

Vigil has the K1A1 SMG at his disposal, but players will unlock other weapons like the BOSG as they progress.


Finka stands at the top of the list for a straightforward reason. Her ability allows her to boost the team’s reactivity and survival instincts for a short duration, and it also revives any downed teammates upon usage. She provides a tactical edge to her team, and she can use her ability to heal teammates and shift the outcome of nasty fights.

Her ability to bring back allies is incomparable because it can keep operators from going MIA, and it doesn’t require as much precision as Doc’s. Having her in your team earns the squad a second chance to return quickly and turn the fight in your favor.

She has access to the SPEAR .308 assault rifle from level one, and she can unlock more options in her loadout when she levels up.