B1ologic leaves TSM Rainbow Six Siege roster following Six Major Raleigh

TSM's roster is looking a bit shaky.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege Pro League veteran Khalil “b1ologic” Pleasis has parted ways with TSM.

TSM proved themselves to be a strong LAN team at the Six Major Raleigh. The team was the last of five North American teams left standing in the international LAN. Despite having a strong presence, TSM got knocked out of the running by the almighty G2 Esports. 

B1ologic’s departure from the organization will leave large shoes to fill. The team has already been subbing in Owen “Pojoman” Mitura in lieu of Tommy “Krusher” Samuel, so b1ologic’s exit from the roster leaves the team a bit discombobulated heading into the second half of season 10 of the Pro League. 

While some fans speculate that b1ologic was dropped by TSM, the pro’s Twitter says otherwise. R6 esports sees a volatile amount of roster moves, so it’s not out of the question that there are two different narratives surrounding b1ologic’s departure. 

TSM could still pull it together to get out of a relegation slot in the Pro League, but they’ll need to make meaningful use of b1ologic’s open slot to make that happen. The team currently sits at the bottom of the North American standings but has the talent to pull through. 

The Rainbow Six Siege Pro League returns in September following the DreamHack Montreal Minor Sept 6-8. Fans can catch the official stream here.