Avoid using Goyo in Rainbow Six Siege’s Hostage mode

Don't Goyo the hostage.

Image via Ubisoft

Today’s launch of Operation Ember Rise in Rainbow Six Siege looked nearly perfect but fans have discovered a gnarly way to exploit Goyo’s Volcán Shields. 

Rainbow Six Siege has a long history of game-breaking bugs and exploits, and with the launch of Operation Ember Rise, players are experiencing a whiff of brokeness. This time around, attackers are able to exploit the Reverse Friendly Fire (RFF) system so that it bans whoever is playing Goyo. YouTuber BikiniBodhi showcased his footage of the bug on Twitter, which got Ubisoft’s attention. 

Apparently, all attackers have to do while playing Hostage is take the hostage to one of Goyo’s Volcán Shields and trigger the incendiary device on the gadget. The hostage will be killed immediately and the round will go to the attackers, which will likely result in the Goyo player being banned since the RFF system will be triggered when the defender’s gadget kills the hostage. 

This is obviously one of the most appalling acts that a player could do to a fellow Siege fan, but the issue is contained to one of the least-played modes in the game. There are still fans who enjoy the game mode, though, and not being able to use the new defender must be a bummer considering the hype around this season. Some Hostage fans will also have paid to use Goyo early through the season pass and won’t be able to in their mode of choice. 


Senior community developer Craig Robinson’s reply didn’t seem to inspire a sense of urgency but the game mode isn’t very popular and Ubisoft likely has a set update schedule in place for this season. But if you’re a fan of Hostage, this has to sting. 

There’s definitely a camp that believes Hostage should just be removed from the game, but a more convincing argument would be the pointlessness of bringing Goyo to a Hostage match. The defender’s gadget is meant to make it difficult to get into rooms by filling them with fire, which doesn’t sound like a hostage-friendly gadget at all.

With no definite fix in sight, players will want to steer clear of using Goyo in Hostage matches. You don’t want to get banned just for using a new operator.

Operation Ember Rise went live today and is available on all platforms.