Altiora relinquishes NAL license, leaves R6 scene

Another organization is out.

Screengrab via AltioiraGG

Altiora has relinquished its NAL license back to Ubisoft, effectively relegating its Rainbow Six Siege team, Ubisoft announced today.

The organization was set to sign the APE roster, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

There are only nine organizations in the NAL now, as opposed to the announced 10.

The NAL will return on March 24. There’s still no official word on how this will impact the format, which was set to be a round robin.

Altiora’s decision to leave the scene wasn’t related to any NAL issue or relocation timelines, according to Ubisoft.

The NAL will look to add a 10th organization later on, according to Ubisoft’s announcement. Recent precedents suggest that whatever organization moves into the NAL would have carte blanche to pick up whichever team or combination of players they wanted. It’s unclear whether a new organization will be added to the NAL before a relegation match is set to be played. According to the public rulebook, relegation matches are played in December.

Altiora’s saga in Rainbow Six Siege has been a whirlwind. The organization opted to drop its majority-Canadian roster after the Six Invitational, partially due to not having enough time to get visas for the team before they entered the NAL LAN league.