All skins and accessories included in the Majima Goro Elite bundle in Rainbow Six Siege

"Got ya now, Kiryu-chan!"

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege has one of the deepest collections of cosmetics in any popular multiplayer game. The tactical FPS from Ubisoft features hundreds of skins for operators, weapons, and weapon attachments, in addition to headgear, uniforms, victory celebrations, portraits, and card backgrounds for its massive cast of operators.

Occasionally, Ubisoft will also release special bundles in the in-game shop, which will include a full package of special-edition cosmetics designed for one operator. The most recent of these bundles, the Majima Goro Elite bundle, is an homage to the iconic Majima Goro character from the Yakuza game series, and is an Elite uniform for the defending operator Echo.

Here’s everything included in that bundle, and how you can get it.

All items included in the Majima Goro Elite bundle in R6 Siege

The Majima Goro Elite bundle costs 2,160 R6 Credits, but it is only purchasable if you have the operator Echo unlocked. Echo costs either 10,000 Renown, which is earned by playing matches, or can be purchased outright for 240 R6 Credits. Additionally, players who are new to the game and want to quickly bulk up their roster can purchase the Operators Package, which features all the Year One through Year Five operators at a significant discount.

The Elite uniform and headgear included in the bundle fully transforms Echo into Majima Goro, complete with his trademark black-and-gold jacket with no shirt, chest tattoos, and iconic eyepatch.

The bundle also includes weapon skins for his primary weapon selections and his sidearms that are based on his outfit and tattoos, as well as a skin for his Yokai ability. It also includes an Elite operator portrait and background, a weapon charm of Goro hiding in a trash can (a callback to his random encounter in Yakuza Kiwami), and his Yakuza combat intro-inspired victory celebration.