All Rainbow Six: Extraction objectives and mission types

There's plenty of challenges for your squad to accomplish.

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In Rainbow Six: Extraction, a team of up to three operators must work together to complete tactical incursions across different containment zones around the world. During these incursions, they will face off against members of the Archaean alien threat and will need to accomplish three missions during each incursion.

There are a variety of different missions and objectives that players will be required to complete while playing Extraction, some of which only unlock in specific situations. Here’s a list of every possible objective you will face while playing Rainbow Six: Extraction.


The Biospy requires the operators to get a takedown kill on an alpha-rated Archaean variant to obtain samples from them. It MUST be a stealth takedown to count; normal melee, explosive, or kills with a weapon will fail the objective.

Nest Tracking

The Nest Tracking objective requires the operators to plan trackers in dormant nests without destroying them or alerting them. Alerted nests have to be destroyed and can’t become un-activated, and if too many nests are destroyed without trackers then the mission fails.


For the Specimen mission, you have to capture an elite target alive. Once you locate the elite target, get their attention and get them to follow you to the extraction zone. At the extraction zone, you can activate a trap that springs once the elite target enters the area.


To rescue a VIP, you have to locate them first and make sure not to draw too much attention to them. If the Archaeans get alerted, they can attack the VIP before you even pick them up. Once you secure the VIP, you must escort them to the extraction point. The VIP, however, will cough and attract nearby Archaens. Get them to the extraction point and load them into the extraction pod. DON’T call for extraction unless you’re planning to exit yourself.

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MIA Rescue

If you lose an operator during a different mission, you will be tasked with rescuing them in your next mission. Rescuing an operator is a bit different from rescuing a VIP, as you’ll have to pry the operator out of a Chimera Archaean tree. When you go to remove them from the tree, it will fight to keep them in it, and you’ll have to shoot or destroy its anchor points to stop it from keeping the operator from being rescued. Once they’re out, carry them to the extraction point and put them in the pod.


The Decontamination objective will require you to destroy a number of Aberrant nests to access the Malignant Neoplasm. The Aberrant nests look like green-glowing versions of normal nests but destroying one will alert the others, spawning more enemies to fight. Once the required number of nests are destroyed, the Malignant Neoplasm will open and you can collect your sample.


Sabotage requires you to destroy an Arch Spine with an explosive charge. Once all the charges are placed and active, the nearby Archaean will become alerted and try to destroy them. If anyone’s charge is destroyed, the detonation objective fails.


Shutdown requires a team of three operators to carry three bombs to a parasite tower. Players can collect the explosive canisters from the extraction point, but can only equip a sidearm while doing so. Place all three canisters on the tower to destroy it. Nests will continue to regenerate until the tower is destroyed.


The Hunt objective will require players to destroy an elite enemy. To do so, they first must locate and destroy three lesser variants of the elite enemy to draw them out. The elite is very aggressive and will go after the operators right away after it’s drawn out.


Triangulation requires the operators to sync up three different seismic stations to each other. Find and locate all three stations, then as soon as you activate one, you have a limited amount of time to activate the other two. With a full team of three, you can accomplish this objective in mere seconds.

Serial Scan

For the Serial Scan objective, locate and activate the REACT Catalyst Emitter to identify the scan zones. Head to each zone once it’s located, and stay there until the scan for each zone is complete. Once you start scanning, it will alert nearby Archaeans to your position.

No One Left Behind

The No One Left Behind objective activates when a squad teammate gets knocked out. Once they’re knocked out, you have to carry them to the extraction zone and put them in the pod. You can only equip a sidearm while carrying them, and they will go MIA if you leave them. You can put two teammates in the pod. You can continue on without them after you put them in the pod, or you can call for extraction.

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The Gateway objective can occur to players playing on the Cautious or higher difficulty. It requires them to travel through a gateway into a singularity, and eliminate the Protean there. The Protean will either have enhanced abilities or will be aided by a dense swarm of Archaeans.