A PlayStation blog post may have leaked the start date for Rainbow Six Siege Y5S4

The new season could bring a change to the meta.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege will be available on the PS5 on Dec. 1, according to a PlayStation blog post. But the post also says that the native PS5 version of the game will kick off along with Y5S4, possibly implying that the new operation will begin on the same date.

Operation Neon Dawn, the official name of the Y5S4 operation, is set to be one of the most game-changing operations yet. On top of all the new content, Ubisoft will be shipping changes to “catcher” operators, the source of player frustration in the “20-second meta.”

Screengrab via PlayStation

Essentially, “catcher” operators prevent operators with ranged explosives from dealing with bulletproof utility without a ton of coordination with their teammates. Coordination is important in a game like Rainbow Six, but the frustration comes with the defenders’ ability to simply place their gadgets down and leave them there to get an advantageous position almost by default. The attackers, on the other hand, have to juggle tons of utility to get into an advantageous position.

In an already defender-sided game, this was a meta that helped the defense too much and was dull to watch.

Rainbow Six fans are hopeful that interest in the game can be renewed with the newly announced full SI 2021 lineup on LAN and with a fresh meta.

All signs are pointing to Dec. 1 as the launch date for the new season. | Screengrab via Twitter

Ubisoft hasn’t confirmed the official release date of Y5S4 yet. But a tweet indicating that Operation Neon Dawn’s launch date will be Dec. 1 was posted to the main Rainbow Six Twitter account and subsequently deleted.