Where to find Hisuian Growlithe in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

You'll want to add Hisuian Growlithe to your collection.

Screengrab via Nintendo/The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Legends: Arceus has debuted many regional species, but one of the first that was revealed before launch was Hisuian Growlithe.

While it may look similar to the original Kanto Growlithe, the new Hisui form has some visual differences and a type change. This Pokémon is now a Fire-type and Rock-Type. Along with Growlithe, you’ll be able to score yourself a new regional form of Arcanine via evolution, which is a powerful ally for any Pokémon team.

If you’re looking to catch all the new Pokémon in the game, it’s imperative that you add a Hisuian Growlithe and Arcanine to your collection. This will require you to seek Growlithe out in the wild. Fortunately, you can reach the location that they frequent reasonably early into your adventure.

Where to find Hisui Growlithe

Screengrab via Nintendo/The Pokémon Company

If you’re looking to add Hisuian Growlithe to your collection then you’ve got to head to the Cobalt Coastlands. Once in this zone, there are two places where you can find Pokémon. These are Windbreak Stand and Veilstone Cape.

There doesn’t appear to be a specific time for when Hisuian Growlithe spawn, so you may need to check multiple times before you stumble upon this new species. Once you’ve caught Hisuian Growlithe, though, evolving it into Hisuian Arcanine is easy. You’ll need to find a Fire Stone, which will be used to evolve your Growlithe into Arcanine.