What Pokémon spawn with Incense during Pokémon Go Fest 2022?

Catch even more Pokémon with an Incense.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go Fest is one of those rare events where people can catch lots of Shiny, rare, and high IV Pokémon in a short period of time, but some of the Pokémon during this event are only captured via Incense.

Although everyone with a ticket will enjoy the majority of Go Fest 2022, there are a few things that only ticket holders will get. In addition to a Special Research that leads to Shaymin and increased Shiny odds, players with tickets will also get access to event Pokémon that only spawn when Incense is activated.

Incense costs 40 coins for one and 250 coins for eight, but players who participate in the event should have access to a few free ones. Each collection challenge leads to a free Incense, which means that players can get four of them just for catching each Pokémon that spawns during that habitat.

There is also the opportunity to get more Incense with the Special Research. The rewards you get from Special Research varies depending on what choices you make, so if you are looking for more Incense, make sure you do your research before selecting the battle, catch, or exploring option. Relaxed, standard, and master branches all have the same rewards except for the sticker at the end.

Here are all the Pokémon that spawn when Incense is activated during Pokémon Go Fest.

All Pokémon that spawn with Incense during Pokémon Go Fest 2022

Below are all of the Pokémon that are exclusive to Incense. Only ticket holders will be able to attract these Pokémon with an Incense. If it can appear Shiny, it is marked with an asterisk.

  • Galarian Weezing*
  • Galarian Mr. Mime*
  • Unown B*
  • Unown G*
  • Unown O*
  • Unown U*
  • Torkoal
  • Tropius
  • Galarian Darumaka*
  • Klink*
  • Axew*
  • Pancham