The Pokémon Company will unleash a new ban wave on Pokémon Sword and Shield hackers

It should only affect the players actively altering their save data.

Screengrab via Nintendo

The Pokémon Company is getting ahead of the new Ranked Battle Series with a new notice that reaffirms its stance on using Pokémon that have been altered through the modification of save data. 

This information comes from independent Pokémon database Serebii, which confirms that TPC has announced a new ban wave that will hit Pokémon Sword and Shield, along with Pokémon HOME

Specifically, Serebii said the main focus of the notice was players using altered save data or other methods that are causing issues for other players. As a result, a new ban wave is going to start hitting players found using modified save data. 

This is a general measure against hackers that TPC and Game Freak have made clear in the past. But the continued use of hacked or altered Pokémon has forced the companies to enforce their Terms of Service again with another ban wave. 

Players who have received and might have been unknowingly using hacked Pokémon that have been transferred in through HOME or made through data manipulation in Sword and Shield are unlikely to be targeted in this ban wave. TPC is looking to hit the players directly altering their save data or homebrewing their Switch consoles in this crackdown. 

Players who are banned will be restricted from accessing online gameplay features in Sword and Shield. They’ll be unable to trade, battle, or participate in online Max Raid Battles and will also no longer be able to use Pokémon HOME

All bans can be temporary or permanent, with no refunds being issued for any user who is banned. TPC and Game Freak will continue to monitor the state of both Sword and Shield and Pokémon HOME moving forward, with more measures ready to be imposed if necessary.