The Pokémon Company removes Argentina, Australia, Sweden, and Uruguay from Play! Pokémon casual event listings

In-person events will be limited across any region not specifically listed.

Image via The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon Company has removed official listings for Play! Pokémon casual events in Argentina, Australia, Sweden, and Uruguay. 

Essentially, TPC has put a freeze on the Play! Pokémon reopening initiative in those regions, preventing any venues from hosting official casual competitions and product-related events for the Pokémon franchise. 

In the official announcement, TPC confirmed that unless a region is listed under the Play! Pokémon event approval notice, all League, Prerelease, and Non-CP Tournaments under the Play! Pokémon banner for any Pokémon title or circuit won’t be allowed. This previously happened with Denmark, France, Italy, Malta, and Spain in January

As of the implementation of this notice, only Chile and New Zealand have been approved, although they’re still limited to casual events since no in-person competitive events have been announced. Chile is also being observed carefully in case additional precautions need to be taken. 

“The health and safety of our community is our top priority,” TPC said. “While we understand many are eager to resume local-level play, we continue to evaluate mandates, guidelines, and recommendations from appropriate health and government agencies for when it is safe to do so.”

TPC and the Play! Pokémon team will continue to monitor the global health situation and make changes to the circuit’s rulings and health and safety guidelines as deemed necessary. It plans to provide updates at the start of each month regarding which regions will be allowed to resume in-person hosting.