The Pokémon Company officially announces OCG set Star Birth, reveals Charizard VSTAR

Star Birth will launch in Japan on Jan. 14.

Image via The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon OCG Japan Champions League 2022 was held today, where a handful of cards in January’s OCG set Star Birth were officially revealed.

First reported by PokéBeach, the Booster pack art for the upcoming set was showcased along with Moltres, Charizard V, Charizard VSTAR, and other trainer and energy cards.

The most notable of these cards is the Charizard VSTAR. It’s only the second card we’ve been shown to have this new game mechanic.

The only VSTAR card that had been revealed prior to today’s broadcast was Arceus VSTAR. This card was officially unveiled with a new gameplay video shared to the official Pokémon YouTube channel last month and will be a part of the west’s February TCG set Brilliant Stars.

VSTAR Power abilities can only be used once per game. For Charizard, this is its attack, while Arceus’ VSTAR Power allows the player to search then shuffle their deck.

Other cards revealed during today’s stream were standard cards that will also be found within the January OCG set. To no surprise, the artwork present on booster packs for Star Birth is themed after Arceus, and it will tie in alongside the release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus on Jan. 28.

Image via PokéBeach

Premium VSTAR trainer boxes were also announced for release alongside the set, as is the usual for the start of a new Pokémon OCG regulation block. These sets will include a variety of different promo cards, a VSTAR coin, damage counters with a case to carry them in, and of course Star Birth booster packs.

At the time of writing, the broadcast is ongoing. This article will be updated if more information regarding Star Birth is revealed.