The 50 Great Ball, 1 PokéCoin bundle is back for Pokémon Go players

Players can collect another 50 Great Balls for a single PokéCoin.

Image via Niantic

Niantic is cycling back through its bundle rewards, offering all Pokémon Go players 50 Great Balls for one PokéCoin until April 27 at 3pm CT. 

This will help players who participated in yesterday’s Incense Day replenish their catching resources before the next wave of events. 

Because most players are now playing Pokémon Go from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, Niantic has changed several features of the popular mobile title to help encourage social distancing while still letting players enjoy the game. This started with a bundle providing players with 30 Incense for the same price, which allowed players to spawn Pokémon in their area at a rate of one Pokémon per minute with each Incense lasting a full hour. 

Other changes include the removal of distance and PokéCoin limitations on the Battle League, new features for PokéStops, and the coming addition of remote raids will continue to allow players to play Pokémon Go from any location. 

The last bundle featured 30 Poké Balls, 20 Great Balls, 15 Razz Berries, and 20 Pinap Berries, which was a great way to get more players ready for Incense Day. 

The 50 Great Ball bundle was the third PokéCoin bundle Niantic added to the game after deciding to offer cheap resources to players during the coronavirus pandemic. Now that it has had a second round, the 100 Poké Ball bundle will likely make a return in the coming weeks too. 

All one PokéCoin bundles are single purchase and the 50 Great Ball deal will be replaced with the next collection on April 27.