Pokémon Unite is getting dislike-bombed on YouTube

The news did not go over well.

Image via Pokemon

A lot Pokémon fans aren’t happy with the franchise’s new MOBA.


In just under two hours, the Pokémon UNITE reveal trailer is nearing 30,000 dislikes—and that’s just one version of the video. There’s also a massive dislike ratio on the Pokémon Presents steam itself. Across both the North American and U.K. presentations, the live stream garnered more than 106,000 dislikes, compared to only 52,000 likes. 

That ratio surpassed the previous title holder, the Pokémon Sword & Shield’s Treehouse Live gameplay video from E3 2019—the one that spawned an infamous conversation about textures on trees. 

The initial response was so negative that The Pokémon Company uploaded a second, identical version, which was also soon hammered with dislikes. It has more than 4,000 in comparison to less than 500 on a much smaller viewer count. 

Screengrab via Pokemon

UNITE has gotten mixed responses from the community. Sure, some are excited to give the new spin-off a chance, but many others are disappointed that they didn’t get new Let’s Go! games or remakes of Diamond and Pearl announced instead. 

The narrative around Pokémon UNITE might shift once more details and gameplay is shown later this year, but for now, there is a definite cloud of negativity hanging over the new MOBA.