Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Shiny Zeraora giveaway ends July 7

You are running out of time to claim your Shiny Legendary.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Shiny Zeraora giveaway is ending soon and players who don’t take advantage of the offer by July 7 will miss out on the event reward.

Everyone is eligible to claim a Zeraora, but it will require that players download and make a Pokémon Home account. 

Because more than 1.8 million players completed the challenge and took down the Legendary Electric-type in a Max Raid Battles, everyone can claim a Shiny Zeraora and a bundle of Armorite Ore.

Even though everyone is eligible to claim the Shiny Zeraora, however, it won’t be distributed through Mystery Gift. Players will instead need to download Pokémon Home if they want to receive the event reward. 

To claim your reward, all you need to do is store at least one Pokémon from Sword or Shield into the storage system to unlock the Thunderclap Pokémon and eight Armoroite Ore. 

This does not require a paid Home membership, but you will need Nintendo Online to access Home. It is unclear when the actual distribution will take place, but Game Freak has promised to share more details closer to when the event begins. 

The Shiny Zeraora you receive will have five guaranteed max IVs, with its Defense already being 30. It will be level 100, with a Hasty nature and the moves Plasma Fists, Close Combat, Blaze Kick, and Outrage.

This reward period ends on July 7, so make sure to claim your Zeraora before it disappears again.