Pokemon HOME Update 1.1.0 brings limited-time trade enhancements

Trades have been changed, but only for a limited time.

Screengrab via Pokemon

A new update is live for Pokémon HOME, fixing multiple bugs the game has been experiencing and adding the Battle Data feature to the application. 

Update 1.1.0 for the storage app doesn’t just include the basic fixes and a new feature, either. It also added some limited-time trade enhancements that will make the trading experience smoother.

The main focus of the new update is the Battle Data feature, which is used to display in-depth battle statistics such as overall rankings, personal battle information for previous competitions, and Ranked Battle options. All of these can be easily accessed from within the app without the need to check a different website or load up Pokémon Sword and Shield

Players can now also trade directly with their friends over the internet, which is a feature that wasn’t included in the base version of the app. Originally, you could only participate in direct trades with people on your friends list in a local setting, not from a distance online. 

Wonder Box and Room Trades also received a slight update, too. The total time required to complete a Wonder Box trade has been reduced to one hour. Likewise, you can now join 10 Free Room Trades per day. The overall time being used in each has also been shortened.

It’s unknown how long these enhanced features will be available for each of the trading methods, but we do know that they’re only temporary. There will be a notification sent out to players in-game before the limited-time changes revert to their prior state, but there’s no timeline for that right now. 

If you want to trade with distant friends, now is the time to do so. There’s no guarantee that Game Freak will bring online trading with friends back to Pokemon HOME after this period ends.