Pokémon Go’s Flying Cup set for Nov. 5 after recent delays

Players finally have a takeoff time.

Image via Niantic

Niantic has confirmed that the Pokémon Go Flying Cup event is finally going to run on Nov. 5 after being delayed several times.

This will be a special Go Battle Night where only Flying-type Pokémon can be used, and it will only run from 6 to 11:59pm local time.

During the event, players will have a CP limit of 1,500, putting it on par with the Great League level of competition. And since it is a Go Battle Night event, players will be able to participate in 20 sets of battles or 100 individual battles against other Trainers throughout the night. 

All Stardust rewards for battling from 6 to 11:59pm will be doubled, making it a perfect time ot grind through the ranks. 

This will also be a great chance to train up a Pidgey because if you evolve a Pidgeotto into a Pidgeot during the Flying Cup it will learn Gust. That is an event-exclusive move that could be a nice tech choice if you need to switch things up from the more standard movesets available to the rather bland Flying-type.

You can also enable that recently trained Pidgeot to Mega Evolve, adding another wrinkle that could up its usage rate in the various PvP competitions. Be careful, though, because there isn’t a grace period for this event exclusive move like there is for Community Days, you need to evolve your Pidgeotto before 11:59pm local time on Nov. 5. 

Hopefully no other delays affect the event and everyone can actually compete with their favorite Flying-types to claim aerial dominance.