Pokémon Go Piplup Community Day begins tomorrow

Don't forget to set a reminder.

Image via Niantic

If you plan on participating in the upcoming Pokémon Go Community Day and chasing down a ton of Piplup, you better gather your Poké Balls now. Piplup Community Day kicks off tomorrow.

From 11am to 2pm CT on Jan. 19, Piplup will constantly spawn at an increased rate regardless of your surroundings. So it’s the perfect opportunity to add a few competitive-ready Empoleon to your collection if you don’t have any already. 

You’ll want to keep track of how much candy you’re getting while capturing the penguin-like Pokémon too, because you will need a total of 125 Piplup Candy to evolve the fourth gen starter into both a Prinplup and an Empoleon. 

This will also be your best chance to obtain an Empoleon that knows Hydro Cannon. Every one of the third-stage evolution you manage to get within the time period of the Community Day will be guaranteed to have the powerful Water-type move on its moveset. 

There will be a two-hour grace period following the end of the Community Day where you can still evolve your Piplup to get Hydro Cannon, but you will need to do it quickly. Even though the move was nerfed earlier this year, it’s still the strongest Water-type move available.