Niantic warns against updating to newest version of Pokémon Go due to Battle League bug

There are some issues happening in PvE battles, too.

Image via Niantic

The version 0.197.0 update that was pushed live to app stores last night for Pokémon Go is causing some users to experience bugs when it comes to the Battle League. 

As a result, Niantic is warning players to refrain from updating their game if they plan to compete in Battle League matches today while the developers continue working on a fix for the issue. 

“The latest version of Pokémon Go (0.197.0) contains a visual bug affecting the switch timer in Go Battle League,” Niantic said. “We recommend against updating to version 0.197.0 at this time. We have halted the rollout of this version and are working to release a fix as soon as possible.”

Along with the documented effect it’s having on the switch timer in Battle League, The Silph Road has noted that the issue seems to be affecting all styles of battle, including encounters with Team Go Rocket. This bug allows players to switch Pokémon repeatedly during battles against NPC characters, though this aspect of the issue doesn’t extend to PvP. 

Niantic is working on a fix for the bugs and has stopped the rollout of version 0.197.0 until the problems have been solved.