Niantic responds to lag issues in Pokémon Go Battle League

Unfortunately, there aren't any fixes yet.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go trainers have complained this past week about lag when fighting another player in the Battle League. It happens mostly after a Charged Attack when the battle pauses so one player can choose whether the Pokémon will defend while the other makes the attack.

The lag happens as one Pokémon resumes the battle after the other, so the trainer with more lag ends up losing the battle. One player complained about this issue on Twitter a few days ago and Niantic responded today.

Niantic said it’s investigating the issue and recomends updating the app to the latest version. Many players who’ve faced lag during battles also suggested closing and reopening the game after a few battles.

This problem has almost made the Pokémon Go Battle League impossible to play since it ranks players by consecutive wins and the lag issue appears after a few battles.

The Battle League is in season three. Players can use Ultra League Pokémon and battle in the Premier Cup with a 2,500 CP limit until Monday, Aug. 24. Then, the Battle League resets to Master League and allows trainers to battle in the Premier Cup with no limit until Sept. 7.