Niantic extends Pokémon Go trade range test until Nov. 30

Players can continue trading at greater distances for another week.

Image via Niantic

Over the last month, Niantic has been testing an extension to the distance that Pokémon Go players can successfully complete trades with their friends in the app. 

The initial test extended the trade distance from just a few feet to a tested range of around 40 or 50km depending on the connection between players. 

And now, after a second round of tests, Niantic is extending the greatly increased trade range for another week. Now, players can continue trading at great distances until Nov. 30 at around 3pm CT. 

It is unclear if this extended test will further push the distance in-which players can successfully complete trades, but multiple player communities like The Silph Road will continue pushing the boundaries and confirm if any additional changes go live. 

As Niantic previously said, this test will not be a permanent addition to the game, at least not right away. Right now, it is being tested to see how functional a range extension is and gauging interest from the community in this feature being added back in as part of future events.

The basic requirements for trading still stand, as players must be friends with each other on the app for more than one day to trade, and there is a Stardust cost associated with each trade depending on which Pokémon are involved. You also need to reach level 10 to unlock the ability in the first place.