New promo cards revealed for Pokémon TCG set Chilling Reign

Four promo cards are going to be featured for the pre-release.

Image via The Pokemon Company

The release of the next Pokémon TCG set, Chilling Reign, is just around the corner. And some of the promotional material that will be released alongside the set on June 5 has now been shown off. 

In total, there are four promo Pokémon that will be appearing in the Build and Battle Boxes variant of Chilling Reign’s pre-release

Image via PokeBeach and Jonathan S.

The first two are Galarian Starters Cinderace and Inteleon, which both play into the Single and Rapid Strike playstyle with moves that deal damage in different ways. Cinderace focuses on hitting hard while limiting itself in future turns, while Inteleon does less damage initially but can spread things out each turn. 

Passimian is the other Rapid Strike promo, and it looks like it might have been training the Inteleon in some way based on its artwork. The Fighting-type is purely a supporter, boosting Rapid Strike Pokémon’s attacks by 30 damage against Benched Pokémon V and GX. 

There is also a Cresselia promo that acts as a Psychic Energy searcher, with potential to do massive damage if you stack it with five or more Energy. 

Chilling Reign will be available globally on June 5.