New details revealed for Pokémon TCG’s Chilling Reign set

The number of cards and more have been discovered.

Image via The Pokemon Company

New details about the upcoming Pokémon TCG set Chilling Reign has been revealed, including that the set will reportedly include 198 cards. 

Since the TCG set is a combined release of the OCG sets Matchless Fighters, Silver Lance, and Jet-Black Spirit, the numbers check out with a few cuts. 

Whenever a set crosses from the OCG to TCG, we rarely keep all of the cards. Matchless Fighters has 70 cards in total, while the paired Silver Lance and Jet-Black Spirit sets have 140 cards, 70 each, not counting secret rares for any of them. 

We will likely be losing out on around 45 of the Japanese set’s cards, including three Pokemon V and one Pokemon VMAX, according to Pokémon TCG publication PokeBeach.

Even with those cuts, Chilling Reign will still be the largest TCG set released in the Sword and Shield series, just edging out Rebel Clash, which had 192 cards. 

The set will include the first printing of multiple Pokémon from the Crown Tundra DLC for Sword and Shield, mirroring that of Battle Styles, which included Pokémon from the Isle of Armor. This includes Galarian variants for Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Slowking, along with Ice and Shadow Rider Calyrex V.

Chilling Reigns will release on June 18 for the TCG.