Latest Pokémon Go update shows possible subscription service

There's new information about Mega Evolutions as well.

Image via Niantic

A data miner looked into the latest Pokémon Go APK and discovered the app might add a subscription service in the future alongside Mega Evolutions. The 0.185.0 update was released on Aug. 18 and brought a lot of features.

“We saw hints at a subscription service a long time ago, but now as part of the Store section, a Subscription Category has been added in this version,” the data miner said. But there aren’t any details on how it’ll work or its design.

A subscription service could hint at integration with the Pokémon HOME app, which allows players to stock and transfer Pokémon. Another possibility might be a subscription to receive exclusive items and other benefits, similar to what Niantic offers in its other mobile game, Ingress.

The majority of the discoveries are related to Mega Evolutions, though. Apparently, Niantic intended to release Mega Evolutions before remote raids and stickers, but the COVD-19 pandemic may have forced a change of plans.

Megas will reportedly have their own Raid level instead of the traditional one to five categories and they’ll have a new type of quest dedicated to Mega Evolving Pokémon.

Players might also be able to save battle parties in the server, but the data miner wasn’t completely sure if this feature will be added.

Pokémon Go is available for Android and iOS devices, but the 0.185.0 update appears as version 1.151 in the App Store.