How to use the Pokémon Masters Instagram and Facebook filters

Cosplay has never been easier.

Image via NIntendo

Pokémon fans can now see themselves as famous Pokémon trainers with the new augmented reality filters for Instagram and Facebook. The filters are part of the one-year anniversary celebration of Pokémon Masters.

The anniversary itself happened on Aug. 27, but fans are still enjoying the presents with the release of Pokémon Masters EX filters. They’re available on the official Pokémon Masters Instagram account and Facebook page. To try out the filters, just open them on each social media mobile app.

Video via Instagram

Fans will be randomly designated a Pokémon trainer and will receive a digital cosplay of the chosen character accompanied by their favorite Pokémon. The possible trainers include Gladion, Rosa, Blue, and Lillie.

Pokemon Masters EX is a free-to-play mobile game published by DeNA. It was released in August 2019 and allows players to battle and recruit various famous Pokémon trainers from the main series of games on the artificial island of Pasio. The game was originally named Pokemon Masters but was renamed to Pokémon Masters EX on the one-year anniversary.

Players can currently participate in the Kanto Challenge in the Champion Stadium. Once a week, it will reset and change the Pokémon that you have to face, alongside the type weakness.