How to level up quickly in Pokémon Unite

Good trainers make the most out of all the XP sources.

Once you pick up a MOBA, you’ll be able to progress in the game in multiple categories. You’ll have player and battle pass levels, while you’ll also need to start leveling up your character from zero in each match you play.

Like in other MOBAs, you’ll start a match as a level one Pokémon. Though you’ll be able to level up your Pokémon by completing objectives around the map and simply going through core gameplay of the games, you may want to find the fastest way to do it to snowball your match.

Snowballing often describes a player who uses their lead in a match to start taking over the game. When you increase your Pokémon’s level faster than other players in the game, you’ll be much stronger than them, allowing you to perform riskier but more rewarding plays.

If you’re looking for a way to increase your player level, your best bet will to focus on completing as many quests and challenges as possible while ensuring you perform well in all the matches you play.

Here’s how you level up quickly in Pokémon Unite.

Take down wild Pokémon

Throughout a Unite match, you’ll run into countless wild Pokémon. Resembling the minions in League of Legends and creeps Dota 2, wild Pokémon will be the main source of gathering XP.

As you take down more wild Pokémon around the map, you’ll start leveling up, allowing you to unlock new moves and abilities.

Defeat enemy players

Defeating enemy players will allow you to earn more XP than taking down wild Pokémon. You won’t be able to take down enemy players that frequently, however, making it the second-best way to earn XP.

Once you defeat an enemy player, you’ll prevent them from earning XP since they won’t be able to take down wild Pokémon for themselves. This will allow you to build an XP lead which can help you snowball your way to a win.

Try scoring points

When you’re at your opponent’s goal, you’ll earn 10 XP for every point you can squeeze in. This amount will double toward to end of a match, making it an excellent spot for endgame battles.

Don’t skip out on berries

The berries you can see floating around aren’t just there as eye candy. Picking up a berry will net you a small amount of XP. It may not look a lot at first, but it can add up in the long run and help you build on your XP lead.