How to instantly reset EVs in Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor expansion

Start with a clean slate in seconds.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Effort Value (EV) training in Pokémon games has always been a hassle, but Game Freak has consistently worked to make it easier and more accessible than ever in Sword and Shield.

In the Isle of Armor expansion, players can skip past reducing EVs with special Berries and completely wipe their Pokémons’ stat values in one simple exchange. 

If you look on the Isle of Armor’s map, you will see more than a dozen smaller islands sitting around the coast. Most of them might have a few Max Raid dens or items you can pick up, but a few have useful NPCs that you can interact with and gain useful information. 

To the South of the Master Dojo in the Workout Sea, you can hover over one of the islands and see one of them has someone called Lady Clear on it. You will need to carefully navigate out to the small island since it is easy to miss, but you will find a single NPC standing on an otherwise clear sand formation. 

Screengrab via Nintendo

She will talk to you about clearing away the toils of your Pokémon and, in exchange for 10 Armorite Ore, can completely wipe all EVs from one of your partners. This means you can freely use this exchange to reset a Pokémon of your choice so you can retrain them however you want. 

While the EV reducing Berry method wasn’t difficult, this is much faster and requires less time to do, as collecting Armorite Ore and talking to Lady Clear is almost assuredly going to be quicker than finding all of the Berries and using them all. 

You can find the necessary Armorite Ore by completing Max Raid Battles on the Isle of Armor or simply wandering around and finding it on the ground at the sparkling item spots spread around the island.