How to change a Pokémon’s Nature in Sword and Shield using Mints

Time to change things up.

Pokémon Sword and Shield
Image via The Pokémon Company

For the first time in core RPG series history, Nintendo has finally added a mechanic into Sword and Shield that can change a Pokémon’s Nature, thus influencing how they grow and develop.

Sword and Shield players can acquire Nature Mints late in the game in Wyndon, essentially after getting near the final stretch of the game and story. This means you won’t be able to get these mints until after you’ve completed the story.

After beating the game and gaining access to the Battle Tower, you’ll be able to talk to one of the ladies behind the Battle Points counter to exchange your BP currency you earn in the Tower for mints.

Each mint costs 50 BP, and depending on which Nature Mint you choose, it’ll have different effects on what stats your Pokémon develops more or less as it levels up.

The full list of natures includes:

Adamant: +Attack Speed, -Attack
Bold: +Defense, -Attack
Brave: +Attack, -Speed
Calm: +Special Defense, -Attack
Careful: +Special Defense, -Special Attack
Gentle: +Special Defense, -Defense
Hasty: +Speed, -Defense
Impish: +Defense, -Sp. Attack
Jolly: +Speed, -Special Attack
Lax: +Defense, -Special Defense
Lonely: +Attack, -Defense
Mild: +Special Attack, -Defense
Modest: +Special Attack, -Attack
Naive: +Speed, -Special Defense
Naughty: +Attack Speed, -Defense
Quiet: +Special Attack, -Speed
Rash: +Special Attack, -Special Defense
Relaxed: +Defense, -Speed
Sassy: +Special Defense, -Speed
Serious: All stats are equal
Timid: +Speed, -Attack