Every Gigantamax form revealed for Pokémon Sword and Shield

How many giant monsters will we actually get to see?

Screengrab via Pokemon

Dynamaxing is commonplace in the Galar Region, which means that every Pokémon can grow to massive proportions. But only a select few species will be able to Gigantamax in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Gigantamaxing is more like a cross between Mega Evolution and Dynamaxing, where certain Pokémon will change forms once it taps into the mysterious powers that allow them to grow. This phenomenon is being studied by several characters in the game, so it is likely we will learn more about it during the story. 

Now that the games are released, we know of all the current Pokémon that can achieve a Gigantamax form, which also gives them access to a special move specific to their species. So as the information starts to roll out for the eighth generation, here is a list of every Pokémon that can be Gigantamaxed. 

Every Gigantamax form revealed for Pokémon Sword and Shield

PokémonSpecial MoveMove Effect
AlcremieG-Max FinaleInflicts damage and heals the user and its allies.
ButterfreeG-Max BefuddleInflicts damage to the target and causes poison, paralysis, or sleep to all opponents.
Charizard G-Max WildfireInflicts damage and continues to inflict damage for four turns to non-Fire-type Pokémon.
CorviknightG-Max Wind RageInflicts damage and removes the effects of moves such as Reflect, Light Screen, Aurora Veil, Spikes, and Electric Terrain.
DrednawG-Max StonesurgeInflicts damage and creates Stealth Rock on the target’s side of the field.
EeveeG-Max CuddleInflicts damage and all opponents of the opposite gender of the user become infatuated.
MeowthG-Max Gold RushInflicts damage, confuses the opponent, and scatters coins on the ground. These coins are picked up afterwards.
PikachuG-Max Volt CrashInflicts damage and paralyzes all opponents.
MachampG-Max Chi StrikeInflicts damage and raises the chance of critical hits.
GengarG-Max TerrorInflicts damage and prevents the opponent from escaping.
CoalossalG-Max VolcalithInflicts damage and continues to deal damage to opponents for four turns.
SandacondaG-Max SandblastInflicts damage and traps the opponent in a damaging sandstorm for four to five turns.
CentiskorchG-Max CentifernoInflicts damage and traps opponents in flames for four to five turns.
Grimmsnarl G-Max SnoozeInflicts damage and puts the opponent to sleep on the next turn.
HattereneG-Max SmiteInflicts damage and confuses the opponent’s Pokémon.
CopperajahG-Max SteelsurgeInflicts damage and sets up Spikes on the field.
DuraludonG-Max DepletionInflicts damage and lowers the PP of the last move used by the opponent.
FlappleG-Max TartnessInflicts damage and reduces the opponents’ evasiveness
AppletunG-Max SweetnessInflicts damage and heals the status conditions of allies.
OrbeetleG-Max Gravitas Inflicts damage and changes gravity for five turns.
GarbodorG-Max MalodorInflicts damage and poisons opponents.
KinglerG-Max Foam BurstInflicts damage and harshly lowers the Speed of opponents.
LaprasG-Max ResonanceInflicts damage and reduces the damage received for five turns.
Melmetal G-Max MeltdownInflicts damage and makes opponents incapable of using the same move twice in a row.
Toxtricity G-Max Stun ShockInflicts damage and either poisons or paralyzes opponents.

Some Pokémon that Gigantamax look a lot like popular monsters from Japanese media, such as Butterfree looking very similar to Mothra in some ways, but there are also a few callbacks. Specifically, Pikachu takes on the appearance of his original design from back in the Red, Blue, and Yellow days. 

If we compare this list to the number of Pokémon that could achieve Mega Evolution when Pokémon X and Y launched, there were 28 species—if you count Charizard and Mewtwo both receiving version exclusive Mega Stones.

Pokémon Sword and Shield are out now for Nintendo Switch.